viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Before going to bed!!!

Hello to all ..  Lucas was a day Exhausted, so about 7 pm I showered, took his bottle of milk and then to bed ...Although my baby is only 4 months,from 2 months sleep all night without getting up to eat and sleep alone in the room from the same age as I keep waking up at nights. The fact that my baby is an angel, only rarely does not cry when hungry or tired, smiles all the time and is growing very very fast. I'm really enjoying being a mom for the fourth time, as this is my last baby because I've done the tubal ligation.

I leave you some pictures of Lucas.It is an amazing child.

2 comentarios:

  1. ay ay ay !!!!!! q la foto de la BAÑERA !!!!!! me encanta !!!!!! q sonrisa mas bonita!!
    y bueno .... felicidades mi niña Por Tener ESE maravilloso bebe! aunq ya te he aquí Haya dicho jejejeje
    Eres Una mami super !!!!!
    abrazote de las Naciones Unidas

  2. Que fotos más tiernas...que grande que está tu bebe y bonito....xD ....felicidades!! Bss guapa.