domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

I miss my Hubby...

Hi Bloggers .. A few days ago that I write because I lack the time with so many children at home, but anyway, I'm back.Tell you that my husband is in Brazil for a trip that gave the company he works. A won the award for best seller in Spain and that fills me with pride a lot, but otherwise I'm a little sad because will be away from home 6 days. This prize is shared with most other partner countries, in total 40 partners from around the world like Italy, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Qatar, Holland, to name a few ... sure it will be going amazing and although I speak every day, I miss him. We have never spent so much time apart from each other for some years and I hope for his return very eager.
Well, just wanted to tell you a little about how my life is waiting for his return. Sunday I'm home with the kids because the weather here in Spain is not much to get attached. At night we ask a pizza for dinner and try to play games with them to have fun.
Tell you my king I love you with madness and I look forward to you again on Wednesday, hug, kiss and not let go more.
I love you very much. Come home soon.

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  1. Ánimo guapa, que el miércoles ya mismo está aquí y tendrás de regreso a tu marido !!! y piensa en esos días que vas a pasar en mi querida Bcn.....y ese pedazo de concierto que vas a ver...disfruta de tus niños. Bss guapa.