lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Furla/ Candy Bag

Hi, I'm back after several days without being able to enter the Blog. Besides I had a hernia operation last week, but there I go slowly.

Tell you a couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my husband to Seville, as it was our wedding anniversary (second) and because his gift was to buy some clothes. We passed a store called Furla, and I saw some bags that I love, the truth is that they do not pay much attention at that time because we were with my children.
After looking at various web sites I found. FURLA are Brand, and the model is called CANDY BAG.
They are cilicona or plastic bags that come in different colors, and of course could not miss my eagerness to buy one of them. Various colors are driving me crazy, I'm between red, green and orange. The truth is that I have no idea how much it costs, but my goal is to get myself a bag. hahahahah

Here I leave a couple of pictures to see of which I speak.
Some already have yours?

A kiss and until next time.

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