lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

Happy Star Week!!

Good morning to all .. It is Monday and the week starts and routine .. I woke up at 7.30am and every morning and this time I wanted to get out of bed, so warm and felt that the most being next to my husband, it was impossible to get out of it, but no way, had to do it. ..
Cafe on waking, and raise children to go to school.

Quick shower while the kids eat breakfast with Dad. the street and all.
I left my husband back home and start the housework. In two hours the whole house is clean and tidy .. food today is so fast I do not care ..

The rest of the day I left for me and my stuff, so today I decided to stay home and not go out.

While surfing the Internet, rather, watching Youtube, I found a girl that I loved as a singer, called Alessandra Amoroso, is Italian and well almost addicted to her voice and her songs. From my iPhone5 Yesterday I downloaded a large amount of songs from it, and doing house cleaning I've heard all morning.

Here is a video of her and one of the songs she sings, and perhaps have heard in another language, but in Italian it sounds much better.

A strong kiss and happy start to the week.

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