domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Saturday Carrot Cake!!

I still remember the afternoon coffee with my mother and my sisters in Mexico, we would get to do any kind of cake or bread to take in the afternoon, where we told things, joked among ourselves and we had fun. Sure, we were even three unmarried sisters and my children spent the weekend with his father, so we had time to pass all four joints .. and good, remembering those afternoons and the smell, I felt like one of the desserts make cake from my mother, carrot cake ... and got to work. Now we are at home only 2 women in the house, my stepdaughter and I decided to do the same thing I did with my mother but with her.

We had a wonderful evening together at home, the boys doing their thing, and we in the kitchen having a chat and getting to know even more. And of course, I had the same thing I was doing with it, my sisters and I did with my mother.

After half an hour of preparation and baking, this was the result .. I hope you like the picture because it was flavored, yummy ..

Here is the recipe for anyone who wants to do it.

5 large carrots scratches.
4 cups cake flour.
1 ½ cups sunflower oil.
4 eggs.
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon vanilla extract.
1 ½ cups brown sugar.
1 sachet of powder nailing.

In a bowl mix all liquid ingredients like oil, eggs, vanilla and well blended and the sugar's take .. stir until dissolved, then integrate the remaining ingredients. Forget not sift the flour and go slowly hechandola ... The mixture should be very very thick.

Grease mold with butter and flour.
Set the oven at 150 degrees for one hour. remember to put the cake in the center of the oven.

Let cool and ready to eat with a good Italian coffee.

Bon appetit.

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