sábado, 12 de enero de 2013

Weekend at home.

What a weekend ahead of us ... Friday I went with Lucas to the doctor, I have been a pediatrician since that same day started with high fever .. resolution of the disease .. Otitits. bone, a right ear infection ... nothing a good medicine can not cure, so Lucas will be in treatment for 10 days.
Also it was me, and that for at least 6 months brings me a pain in the heel of the left foot. Which hurts when I get up, I mean in the morning and then at night when I stop walking all day.
The doctor told me I have an inflammation in the heel, with a long anti-inflammatory medication I would heal, another remedy is faster prick the heel and put the medicine inside. Which I find pretty scary, because they say that injections in the foot hurt a lot.

So I chose the second option, but before the doctor sent me to get x-rays to rule out something more in tendons, muscles, bone ... So I have to wait for them to send me via e-mail for appointment.

Bruno Saturday has risen with some pain in the body and sneezing. by the time I see it, I hope it's not another you sick because passeth babysitting me sick.

Well .. I hope you spend a nice weekend, for now, we will remain quiet at home, watching TV, movies and eating popcorn, as my husband has offered to indulge all weekend and it's up to him to cook.

a kiss and we read soon.

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